As far as the ready-to-wear garments are concerned, Cliff is the place where you can buy a Scabal suit or a shirt with an impeccable fall! Choice of fabrics, linings or buttons, our professionals will know how to give a personal touch to your purchases and to advise you thanks to their experience in that field.

Ties, jackets, sweaters, shoes or trousers come also in various types of fabrics (cotton, silk, cashmere, merino) and bear the label of prestigious brands.


Cliff excels particularly in the art of half-measure and fits suits and shirts to your corporal morphology. 

On the basis of a specific model, our professionals design for you a garment that not only meets your measurements, but also your desiderata in terms of fabrics, cuts or particular details (choice of the buttons, …). At the time of taking the measurements, the concern for detail is essential and aims at a perfect (Sartorial) finish. After the taking of measurements, you will have to reckon with 4 to 5 weeks of manufacturing prior to being able to wear a garment that will honour your unique morphology.



August 2018

- 50% TOTAL liquidation for cessation of activities- CLOSED ON MONDAY

August 2018

- 50% TOTAL liquidation for cessation of activities - CLOSED ON MONDAY