The quality of the articles displayed in the window and on the shelves conveys Gérard Vandenbulcke-Plasschaert’s love for beautiful materials, rare fabrics, elegant cuts and skilfully shaded colours. Having a passion for his job, he selects his materials to create suits, trousers, and even shirts that you will find nowhere else. 


In the field of sportswear as well as in that of ready-to-wear garments, Cliff proposes a large range of refined luxury products harmonising tasteful elegance and originality. The best Italian, British, French and U.S. maker’s labels meet in eclectic styles.


Ready-to-wear garments

As far as the ready-to-wear garments are concerned, Cliff is the place where you can buy a Scabal suit or a shirt with an impeccable fall! Choice of fabrics, linings or buttons, our professionals will know how to give a personal touch to your purchases and to advise you thanks to their experience in that field.

Ties, jackets, sweaters, shoes or trousers come also in various types of fabrics (cotton, silk, cashmere, merino) and bear the label of prestigious brands.


As far as sportswear is concerned, Cliff proposes also a wide selection of casual articles. Blouson-style jackets, shirts, sports shirts, sweaters, shoes, jeans… will help you pepping up classic garments.


Cliff is also the ideal place to please, surprise and delight your environment. An elegant silk choker, silver cufflinks, leather gloves, cashmere scarves, original shoehorns or still a beautiful polishing box are some of the gifts that will make happy those who will receive them. 



Permanently closed

- 60% TOTAL liquidation for cessation of activities

Permanently closed

- 60% TOTAL liquidation for cessation of activities - CLOSED ON MONDAY